Currently, in order to expand the range of customers, promote products and promotions to customers, units often choose the form of print flyers. However, this publication must have a beautiful design and quality to be effective. In the article below, we will summarize relevant information and addresses cheap flyer printing in Ho Chi Minh City. Don’t miss it if you are also in this area.

What is flyer printing?

Print flyers is to design the content and images that businesses and organizations want to promote to customers on 1 piece of paper. Then distribute it to customers in a free form such as: pedestrians, at the park, tourists, etc. to find potential customers and use their products and services.

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In addition, leaflets are also a form of advertising and brand promotion for businesses.

Leaflets often carry advertising and promotional information of businesses
Leaflets often carry advertising and promotional information of businesses

Reasons why businesses should choose to print advertising leaflets

Most of today’s businesses in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country in general choose print flyers as a form of promotion of products and incentives to customers. Here are a few reasons to do this.

Low cost High efficiency

If you advertise through TV programs or run other ads, you will definitely have to spend a lot of money. However, with print flyers costs will be much less. Moreover, the effect is not inferior to other expensive ads.

Expand the range of potential customers

An impressive flyer will attract viewers, instead of throwing away like regular flyers they can pocket to work, school or go out. This will indirectly expand the range of customers when those leaflets attract other potential customers.

Expand the scope of finding potential customers effectively
Expand the scope of finding potential customers effectively

However, not all leaflets bring that result. Which are usually just quality, unique and beautiful flyers,

Criteria for evaluating the quality of advertising leaflets

A quality flyer will increase effectiveness for advertising purposes. Therefore, any business that needs to print leaflets also wants to own the most unique and quality publications. So what are the criteria for evaluating leaflets?

Material, substance

The first is the material, good materials will produce sharp and impressive publications. The ink does not smudge, the image does not break when printing. Only in this way can we create initial sympathy when others hold leaflets to read.


Next is the layout, the flyer will convey the advertising and promotional information that the business wants to send to customers. Therefore, leaflet printing must have a beautiful layout, simple but delicate, not too cumbersome but must create curiosity for viewers.

The layout of the flyer needs to be beautiful, neat and impressive
The layout of the flyer needs to be beautiful, neat and impressive


Images in flyers must also be sharp, harmonious and relevant to the content. The layout of illustrations must not cover the content. Images should be done differently to attract the viewer’s attention.


Content is also a factor to evaluate the quality of leaflets. Content should be short and concise. Not too many words on the flyer will make customers boring and do not want to read.


There must be a top score on the flyer. It can be the word Discount, Promotion, or large and different color printing of the great deals of the business. That way, when holding the flyer, viewers will be attracted by these highlights.

The most popular flyer size today

Leaflets are very diverse in sizes, to make it easier for everyone to grasp, we will update some of the most popular flyer printing sizes today.

The most popular flyer size today
The most popular flyer size today

A5 . size flyer

In print flyers then A5 size is the most popular size today, A5 size parameter is 14.5 x 20.5cm.

A4 . size flyer

This is the size of leaflets used by many businesses when placed at the company, office, and need to advertise a lot of information. Because this A4 size flyer can put in the most information. The A4 size is 20.5 x 29.5cm.

A3 . size flyer

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Normally, A3 size is often used to print folded leaflets. The size of A3 size is 29.7 x 42cm. With leaflets printed this size will usually be covered with plastic film outside so that the paper does not break in the folds. It can be a square leaflet with dimensions of 20 x 20cm or a missed leaflet of 10 x 10cm.

In addition, the size of leaflet printing can also be flexible according to the requirements of customers.

Flyer printing materials

As with other publications in print, print flyers Usually printed from the following materials:

Couche paper

It can be said that this is the most appreciated and most commonly used paper in the world print flyers. This type of paper has extremely outstanding advantages such as:

Couche paper - The most popular paper in flyer printing
Couche Paper The most popular paper in flyer printing
  • The paper is coated with a glossy layer of kaolin and pine oil on the surface, so it has a very smooth gloss. When printed, it is bright and eye-catching.
  • White paper, high ink adhesion, so there is almost no blurring or smearing of words and images when printing on paper.
  • Coated on both sides, the paper is suitable for leaflets that need to be printed on both sides.

Ford Paper

Ford paper looks like regular office paper but has a thicker thickness. The ability to stick to ink is very good, the print after printing also has beautiful colors, low cost, so it is chosen by many businesses.

Duplex Paper

If your business needs leaflets that are a bit large in size and have a certain stiffness, then Duplex paper will be the perfect choice. This type of paper is having a smooth, white side and the other side is usually dark like paper mache. Therefore, this paper is usually stiffer than other types of paper.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is suitable for customers who want to print cheap flyers or print flyers in vintage style. This type of paper is also known as recycled paper, so printing costs are cheap and environmentally friendly.

Kraft paper is cheap, environmentally friendly
Kraft paper is cheap, environmentally friendly

Quotation for printing leaflets in Ho Chi Minh City

Price print flyers HCMC is quite diverse and depends on many factors such as:

  • Materials used to print flyers.
  • Number of leaflets that the business needs. The more, the cheaper the price.
  • Leaflet size, A3, A4, A5,…
  • Post-print processing surcharge: Glossy, matte, metallized, etc.
  • Printing unit.

For businesses to be more proactive in preparing their own leaflet printing costs. We’ll be updating some of the most popular print price ranges below:

Quotation for printing cheap A5 flyers in HCM

Price print leaflets A5 in Ho Chi Minh City is ranging from 230 VND to 2500 VND/sheet. The difference will depend on the factors we just mentioned above.

Quotation for printing A4 leaflets

Price print leaflets A4 usually ranges from 400 VND to 2700 VND. The difference will depend on where you print, what paper you print on, size, and quantity.

The price of printing A4 leaflets usually ranges from 400 - 2700 VND/sheet
The price of printing A4 leaflets usually ranges from 400 2700 VND/sheet

Quotation for printing A3 leaflets

With A3 paper size, often with glossy or ribbed lamination, the price usually ranges from 1200 VND to 6000 VND/sheet.

Address to print cheap flyers in Ho Chi Minh City

With the rapid development of businesses and business types, the demand for using leaflets to reach customers is increasing day by day. Followed by a series of companies, printing factories, shops print flyers born. However, in order to ensure quality, eye-catching design and especially affordable price, Viet Nhat is always the most reliable destination.

Modern machinery and technology

In order to meet the needs of large and fast printing for customers. Viet Nhat has equipped a system of modern machinery, imported from many countries around the world such as: digital printing machine, offset printing machine, flexo printing machine, matte coating machine, gloss coating machine, emulsifying machine, needle pressing machine, etc. punching machine, piercing…. Therefore, from printing to processing publications, Viet Nhat meets the most complete.

Viet Nhat owns a system of modern machinery and printing equipment
Viet Nhat owns a system of modern machinery and printing equipment

Professional staff

Not only invest in machinery, but the company’s staff is also very professional. Highly skilled designers with long experience and endless creativity. Technicians are well trained in how to operate machines and troubleshoot problems. Professional consultants, enthusiastic, support to answer questions for customers 24/7.

The most competitive price in the market

Quality and professional staff are only effective when retaining old customers. The new price is the bridge, the search engine for new customers. Understanding this, Viet Nhat has made continuous efforts to reduce printing costs to the lowest level without affecting quality. Currently, Vietnam Japan is a unit Print cheap flyers HCM and surrounding areas.

Delivery to the place, pay at home

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Viet Nhat also has home delivery and payment collection services. After printing the completed flyer, the staff will deliver it to the customer’s address. Here, the customer checks the publication and then makes the payment. Thanks to that, customers always trust absolutely and prioritize when choosing for their needs.

Leaflet printing services are available in Vietnam Japan

For print flyers HCMCViet Nhat is providing the following specific services:

Print flyers in small quantity, get them now

Viet Nhat received the design and Print flyers in small quantity, get it right away, serve for small customers or urgent orders. Using digital printers and centralized processing steps to execute, help complete orders quickly while ensuring quality.

Print flyers in small quantity, get them now
Print flyers in small quantity, get them now

Print flyers in bulk quickly

Owning many modern machines and can print many copies in one time such as Offset machine, Flexo machine, etc. Therefore, Viet Nhat can meet the demand for printing leaflets in large quantity up to millions of copies per day.

Print color flyers

Get design, color flyer printing at the request of customers. Meet the aesthetic factor and maximum quality for the publication.

Print flyers in black and white

Meeting the needs of customers who need cheap flyer printing or prefer a classic style. Viet Nhat also accepts to design and print unique and beautiful black and white leaflets.

The process of printing leaflets in Vietnam Japan

The following is the process of printing leaflets in Vietnam and Japan. All processes are strictly followed to produce the best quality publications, minimizing errors arising.

Receive orders

When there is a booking request print flyers from customers via hotline or directly. The consultant will collect necessary information such as: Print quantity, leaflet size, type of printing paper, time of receipt, other requirements, …. Then transfer it to the design department.


At this stage, the designer will rely on the information requested by the customer to design a suitable flyer template and send it back to the customer. If the customer is satisfied, they will quote and agree on the contract. Then forward to the technical department.

Design flyer templates and agree on templates with customers
Design flyer templates and agree on templates with customers


When there is enough information, the technical department will conduct printing and strictly monitor the printing process.

Check goods and deliver to customers

Finally, after print flyerstechnicians will check the quality, quantity and packaging delivered to customers.

Thus, the printing of leaflets is necessary for businesses, but how to print, how to design holds most of the effectiveness in reaching customers. Therefore, when you have a need, you should choose reputable units like Viet Nhat to perform.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City and are in need flyer printing or any other publications, please contact Viet Nhat via hotline 097 5555 717 or 1st floor, 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Phu district, HCMC for the fastest advice, quotation and ordering instructions. Information to you.

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