Thanks to the high efficiency in promoting products and brands with low costs, the demand for leaflets is increasing. Especially in a big city with a bustling economy like Ho Chi Minh City. However, many people still do not understand the detailed information about brochures, and often confuse them with leaflets. In the article below, we will update the information as well as the address printed leaflets get it now, cheap price in HCMC. Invite you to consult.

What is brochure printing?

Print leaflets aka print folding sheetBrochure printing is one of the forms of product advertising that many businesses choose today. The leaflet is in the form of a thin, small book containing the most concise but most complete information to promote to customers.

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The brochure is a highly effective advertising publication
The brochure is a highly effective advertising publication

Brochures often appear at fairs, seminars or on the shelves of stores, centers, taking on the role of finding potential customers for businesses. According to marketing experts, flyers are considered the most effective way to promote brands and services for businesses. Therefore, most businesses prefer to use it.

The role of brochures for businesses

To help those new to this publication understand the importance of the brochure. We will take a look at some of the roles and meanings of flyer printing for the following businesses:

Make an impression on your customers about your business

Most of the brochures use good quality paper, beautiful and elaborate designs and layouts, so it’s easy to make an impression on customers about your business. Moreover, a beautiful folded sheet will increase the professionalism of that unit and stimulate the shopping of customers.

Impress customers with a beautiful, informative design
Impress customers with a beautiful, informative design

An effective, low-cost marketing method

Because the brochure contains all the necessary information about the products and services that the business wants to promote. So customers can approach the product intuitively and quickly. Help expand the range of potential customers and have the opportunity to expand business.

Above all, compared to spending money on filming and running ads, printed leaflets will save more cost. This is one of the most appreciated marketing methods today.

Advantages of folding sheets

Thanks to the following advantages, many businesses have chosen: print brochures because of the leaflet. You can refer to it for more detailed information.

Large number of pages

The folded sheet has a large number of pages from 2 to 6 pages, equivalent to 4 to 12 sides. Thanks to that, businesses can express all the necessary information that they want to convey to customers.

Compact size

So uses A4, A5, A6 paper but is designed to fold into 2, 3 or 4 times. So the size is extremely compact, can be carried in the hand, put in a bag, a pocket, so it can reduce the situation of receiving and throwing away like leaflets.

Compact size, easy to store
Compact size, easy to store

Contains a lot of important information

As we have analyzed above, because the printed leaflet will have many pages, it will contain a lot of important information. Businesses that design flyers just need to reallocate the information to easily achieve the desired advertising effect.

Nice design

Because not spreading is like a leaflet that only targets potential customers. For example, printing brochures about real estate will find customers who attend real estate seminars to distribute. Therefore, when implementing the design, businesses all focus on the design to get a beautiful publication and bring the highest advertising efficiency.

Distinguish leaflets and leaflets

There are many people who often do not distinguish between brochures and flyers. It is often assumed that these two publications are one. Although they are both meant for advertising, flyers and flyers have completely different properties. Specifically as:


Information on leaflets is usually quite simple and sketchy. Most only focus on highlights such as discounts, promotions, gifts to attract customers’ attention.

Information on brochures is often more complete than in leaflets
Information on brochures is often more complete than in leaflets

In addition, printing information leaflets will be more carefully selected, putting information on the brochure in a complete and concise manner. Convey the information that businesses want to convey to customers

Material, substance

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The materials of leaflets often use cheap materials, because they are distributed widely, distributed only once and customers only see them once, so businesses do not invest heavily in materials. Moreover, the printing volume of leaflets is very large, so it saves as much cost as possible.

As for printed leaflets Usually, businesses will invest more in quality, because usually the flyer will be kept by customers. Using high-quality printing paper to achieve high-quality publications, thus creating an impression on customers. The cost of printing leaflets is also much higher than that of leaflets.

Target audience

The target audience of these two publications is completely different. Leaflets are distributed to the masses which means anyone can receive them. That’s why we often see staff handing out leaflets along the way, at red lights, supermarkets, amusement parks.

The leaflets are only distributed at seminars and product launches. Flyers are only distributed to those customers who are really interested in that information. Therefore, the marketing effect of this publication is better than that of leaflets.

The most popular types of folding sheets today

Currently, in the field of printing folding sheets, based on the form, people will divide folding sheets into the following types.

Double sheet

A double sheet, also known as a half fold, is used when businesses need to use large images to attract customers’ attention.

Double sheets are often used for large images
Double sheets are often used for large images

Trifold sheet

Tri fold sheet, also known as Tri fold, this is the most popular and classic type of folding sheet today. Beautiful presentation, compact size and easy to read information organized inside. In the 3-fold sheet, people continue to divide it into different types of folding sheets, so that when designing, they will distribute appropriate content.

  • Folded sheet: Usually made of A4 sheet, then create 2 crease lines and fold into 3 equal parts.
  • Zigzag sheets: Similar to folding sheets, but the content will be divided equally on the front and back, creating logic for the publication.
  • Window folding sheet: This fold is usually printed in A3 size and creates 2 creases on the paper so that the width of the middle side will be equal to the width of the 2 sides combined. When opened and closed, it looks like a double-pane window.

Quadruple sheet

This brochure is often used when businesses want to convey to customers a lot of information. Here there will be 8 sides to display information and products, but when folded, the size is quite small and can be opened to view each page.

4-panel folded sheet used when you want to convey a lot of information
4-panel folded sheet used when you want to convey a lot of information

Double sheet 2 times

The final classification is the 2 fold sheet. It also has a total of 8 sides, but this folded sheet must be fully opened to cover all the contents inside.

The most popular folding printing material today

Publications are invested a lot in quality, which is also focused on printing materials. Here are 3 types of paper commonly used to print folded sheets.

Couche paper

It can be said that Couche paper is the most popular paper in the printing industry in general and print brochures in particular. This paper has a glossy, smooth finish on both surfaces. The ability to hold ink is very good, helping the finished publication to have sharpness and high quality in both information and images.

Paper Fort

Although this type of paper is not coated with kaolin like Couche paper, it still has a smooth paper surface and good ink adhesion. More specifically, the paper is difficult to yellow after printing. The cost of printing is cheaper than other types of paper, so it is preferred by many businesses.

Good quality fort paper material, cheap price
Good quality fort paper material, cheap price

Paper Conqueror

Thanks to outstanding advantages such as high durability, good color retention, stable folds, and moderate cost, Conqueror paper is chosen by many businesses to print brochures for their business.

In addition, depending on the needs of customers and the purpose of the publication, people can use imported papers from abroad. However, the cost will be higher than the above 3 types of paper.

Address to print cheap flyers in Ho Chi Minh City

Demand Print Ho Chi Minh City leaflets increasing according to the formation and development of businesses here. There is demand and supply, a series of printing units were established quickly, but the quality is not the same.

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Viet Nhat Printing Company is one of the number 1 printing service providers in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the ideal destination for customers who want to print quality flyers at cheap prices, get them right away or any other publications.

Print Vietnam-Japan leaflets - The destination of trust
Print Vietnam-Japan brochure The destination of trust

Reasons to choose Viet Nhat for printing leaflets

Beautiful leaflets, highly effective in advertising

Always focus on quality to gain customer satisfaction. Our professional staff from design to printing make every effort to make beautiful brochures, which are highly effective in advertising.

Print quickly in bulk

Thanks to owning a number of modern printing machines and equipment such as digital machines, offset printers, needle presses, emulsifiers, …. Can print millions of publications every day, meeting all the requirements of customers.

The price is always the lowest in the market

To be able to bring customers the best service at the lowest price. Viet Nhat has constantly made efforts to increase printing speed, to reduce costs while maintaining the best quality. Therefore, Vietnam Japan is currently a unit cheap flyer printingthe best quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

Owning modern machines, fast printing to keep the cost down to the lowest
Owning modern machines, fast printing to keep the cost down to the lowest

Good customer care

Viet Nhat has a team of highly trained and selected staff. Support customers from ordering, getting information to design, printing and delivery. All done very professionally and conscientiously. Therefore, 99% of customers coming to Viet Nhat not only own quality publications but also always receive the most satisfaction and comfort.

Folding printing services in Vietnam Japan

For printing leaflets, Viet Nhat is providing the following specific services:

Print flyers in bulk

The company is equipped with many modern machines along with a number of highly skilled employees. Therefore, it is possible to meet the needs of printing leaflets in large quantities for many orders at the same time. Fast printing, best quality and best price.

Print instant sheets, small quantity

In addition to accepting bulk printing, Viet Nhat also accepts Print a small number of folded sheets, Instant printing of sheets serving small customers. For these applications, the company will use technology and digital printers that can get the finished product in a few hours or within a day.

Print instant sheets, good price
Print instant sheets, good price

Print flyers on demand

All the requirements of customers for folding sheets are fully met by Viet Nhat. Satisfy all customers, including those who are fastidious and have many high requirements in printing brochures or other publications.

Luxury flyer design

In addition to printing, Viet Nhat also owns a team of professional, creative and dedicated designers. Get the design of folding sheets on demand, beautiful, luxurious and bring the highest advertising efficiency.

Here is all the information about print sheetsp and address cheap flyer printing, quality #1 in HCMC. Hope this article will help you to have a more reliable printing address.

To order quickly, or need advice on a specific quote, please contact us via hotline 097 5555 717 or come directly at the address 1st floor, 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Binh district, HCMC for fastest support. Information to you.

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