Ever, silver stamp printing is always an effective solution for products that need luxury, security or durability. What are the characteristics of silver stamp printing? What technology is used for printing? Where is the address for printing quality, prestige and low price in the market? Here we learn and explore this printing field to apply in production and business more effectively.

Silver stamp concept

Silver stamps are also known as silver decal stamps. This is the name given to the material used to make the stamp. Usually, when ordering silver stamp printing, people often refer to the product, along with its use, for more convenience in work. For example, silver decal sealing stamp, silver decal warranty stamp, silver decal product label …

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The silver stamp is named after the material used to make it
The silver stamp is named after the material used to make it

The company prints the cheapest labels, the quality is superior to the market. Do you want invietnhat to serve you in the stamp printing process?

What are silver stamps used for?

Along with paper or plastic stamps, silver stamps are used as a type of label that can be affixed directly on the surface of each product or commodity. The main purpose of printing silver stamps is used to provide information related to products and technical parameters… such as:

The design of the silver label is used to stick on electronic devices such as televisions, refrigerators, phones, computers, or other machines…

– For some high-class cosmetics and fine art ceramics, there are also types that manufacturers print silver stamps to stick on the product’s packaging.

In addition, many manufacturers also print silver stamps to stick on vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. Because they are able to withstand the impact from the outside environment such as temperature, humidity or strong impact while operating and using.

Silver stamps are used in many fields
Silver stamps are used in many fields

Structure of each silver stamp

Normally, the structure of silver stamps consists of 4 layers, respectively: surface layer, glue layer, silicon layer and base layer. The details of each class are as follows:

– Surface layer: is the metalize film. Their surface is plated with a very thin metal layer (about 4 micrometers in size), the function of this surface layer is used to print content.

– Glue layer: is the second layer and is covered on the bottom surface of the surface layer.

– Silicone or PE-silicon layer: the next layer is covered on the top of the base layer, with the function of separating it from the stamp base layer, avoiding being stuck to the glue layer.

– The base layer contains stamps: responsible for protecting the glue layer when they are not in use.

The label structure usually consists of 4 basic layers
The label structure usually consists of 4 basic layers

Size of silver stamp

Depending on the purpose of use, silver stamps will be designed with different sizes. However, on the market today, most silver stamps are processed into warranty stamps with 3 standard shapes with specific parameters and sizes as follows:

– Round silver stamps have a diameter of about: 0.8cm / 1cm / 1.5cm / 2cm / 2.2cm.

– Rectangular silver stamps usually have the size: 1 x 1.5cm/ 1 x 2 cm/ 1 x 2.5cm/ 1 x 3cm/ 1.5 x 3 cm/ 2 x 4cm.

– Elliptical silver stamp with sizes: 0.8x 1.3cm/ 1x 1.5cm/ 1.2x 1.8cm/ 1x 2 cm.

When producing or printing silver stamps, you need to find out and consider that the product when it is pasted will match the size of that item, avoiding the situation that the stamp is too small while the item is too large or vice versa. .

In addition to the usual standard sizes above. Printing units can be flexible according to customer requirements.

Various sizes of silver stamps
Various sizes of silver stamps

Outstanding advantages when printing silver stamps

– Silver stamps are designed with outstanding bright colors. Especially the effect when used will be very high. If that product is used to print 7 different hologram color stamps and display a fixed color when we use monochrome decals.

– There are many types of silver stamps that will be coated with tin plating, so their durability is very high, not easily torn by hand or resistant to heat well.

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When printing silver stamps, the printers will be laminated with a thin inner film, in order to minimize the stamp being scratched and not waterproof.

– The type of ink used to print silver stamp decals is difficult to fade and does not peel off.

– If the silver stamp is coated with a matte or glossy film, the user can comfortably clean it without worrying about damaging the stamp.

– Silver decal labels are produced on a special technological line. As a result, when the stamps are removed from the product, they will leave a silver layer on the surface, in order to notify the user of the item that the stamp has been removed.

– Silver stamp printing offers very good adhesion, so people can use it to stick it on sensitive places, easy to peel off due to the product being bumped during transportation or loading and unloading.

In short, the special advantage of this type of stamp compared to paper decals and plastic decals is that the color is durable, not smudged, not waterproof and not color washed. Users of the product can be scrubbed but they still retain their color and strong coating.

The design of bright silver stamp products stands out
The design of bright silver stamp products stands out

Technology and materials applied to silver stamp printing

Normally when printing silver stamps, the unit will use the following printing technologies and materials. Everyone can refer to the details before deciding to print.

Technology used to print silver stamps

Print stamps Currently, it is often applied by offset printing technology with 4 colors covered by UV, outer edges. That is, the printing of borders around the stamp will highlight the main information of the product.

On the other hand, silver emulsion stamps are called with many different names such as silver emulsion stamps, silver decal stamps, silver emulsion stamps. They are manufactured by manufacturers by pressing emulsion onto decal material. Various types of emulsion colors are used for printing for users to choose from.

However, depending on the type of printed product or the customer has other special requirements, the printing unit will have different techniques and options. silver stamp printer suitable for each printed product.

For example, when printing silver stamps with barcodes, it is necessary to use film ribbon technology to print barcodes, so that the label size is appropriate.

Manufacturers apply modern printing techniques to create quality finished products
Manufacturers apply modern printing techniques to create quality finished products

Materials used to print stamps

– The main fuel used to print silver stamps is stamp paper including silver decal and silver decal.

– When printing silver stamps with good print quality and no color fading, people often use Resin ink.

– The materials used to print labels are usually tough and very durable.

Cheapest, most prestigious silver stamp printing service in the market

Today, on the market, there are many printing units that provide printing services for silver decal products with diverse and aesthetic designs and designs. However, this also makes customers confused in the process of choosing and sending the most prestigious place.

To get labels and publications suitable for your intended use, choose Print Viet Nhat. Because at the enterprise, it fully meets the criteria that businesses and customers require.

Prestigious silver stamp printing address always creates trust in customers
Prestigious silver stamp printing address always creates trust in customers

About product design

To be able to survive and compete with other printing facilities in the market, In Viet Nhat has recruited professional stamp designers, with expertise and many years of experience.

Since then, products have been created with beautiful, unique designs and imprints specific to each business and different products. The shape and size of the stamp are also designed to be compact, suitable for each product, meeting the needs of each customer in the best way.

About the quality of silver stamps

Enterprises have invested all kinds of printing stamps modern, imported from famous countries in the world but Japan, USA… The application of the most advanced printing techniques and technology, silver stamp printing of the unit always ensures quality and durability. of each product.

The quality of printed products has a long shelf life, can withstand the sun and rain well, is waterproof, does not smudge, does not scratch and has standard adhesion, very difficult to peel…

The quality of printing labels of In Viet Nhat is the best in the market
The quality of printing labels of In Viet Nhat is the best in the market

About the price of the product

Moreover, we guarantee the price cheap silver stamp printing much better than the market and with products with the same materials used. This is also one of the main reasons why partners and customers trust In Viet Nhat.

Great advantages for customers when choosing to print silver stamps in Viet Nhat

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Thanks to the following advantages, customers can rest assured when choosing silver stamp printing services at In Viet Nhat.

– Equipment, technical machinery is fully equipped and modern, in order to save maximum labor costs, then the product cost is significantly reduced.

– Professionally trained staff, 24/7 customer support.

– Free consultation, free design for orders.

– High discount percentage for loyal customers and orders printed in large quantities.

– The supply of fuel is of the best quality and is always stable, so there is never a time to miss delivery.

– Free orders within the inner city or customers in the preferential category according to the company’s regulations.

The raw materials used to print silver stamps are of high quality
The raw materials used to print silver stamps are of high quality

Professional silver stamp printing process

When choosing Viet Nhat Printing as a unit that customers trust, we will apply a strict stamp printing process and ensure that the printing takes place more smoothly and accurately. Thereby, the product ensures good quality, eye-catching appearance, minimizing errors in the printing process.

The steps for printing silver stamps are as follows:

Step 1: Design products according to customer requirements

The design department will complete the silver stamps according to the customer’s request or accept the customer’s existing designs (Note: the silver stamp design file is used in vector form or designed by software. Illustrator (AI), corel (CDR) or Photoshop program (PSD).

Step 2: Select material and printing method

Conduct a thorough check of those designs to facilitate the selection of materials, colors, layout, content, see if all is in harmony. Then make the approval to print the form.

Step 3: Print product form

Carry out the process of printing product samples, then notify the customer so that they can check again to see if there are any details that need to be corrected on the design. If the customer has a request for the design, our staff will make corrections. On the contrary, if the customer does not need to correct the design, we will close and print.

Step 4: Printing

Bring designs to mass production on the right printing technology for each design. During the printing process, technical experts will closely monitor, ensuring the best quality stamp printing. At the same time, promptly detect and correct if any errors occur.

Step 5: Processing publications and packaging

Perform the final stages of the area and process the finished product. After the printing operation is completed, the products will be put into the device to continue the process of matt or glossy lamination, cornering and product inspection again before final packaging.

Step 6: Deliver finished products to customers

Employees deliver products to customers and complete all payment procedures on the contract.

Finished products with silver stamps always satisfy customers
Finished products with silver stamps always satisfy customers

Thus, the printing of silver stamps is quite popular in many jobs today. Especially electronic devices, vehicles, high-end products… Besides, it is important for businesses to pay attention to choosing a reputable and affordable printing address like In Viet Japan to have the most satisfactory finished products.

For ordering information or for advice on printing services, please contact Viet Nhat printing company.

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