Print stickers are being chosen by many businesses as a form of promoting their brands. If you are also in need of sticker printing for your business, let’s learn about sticker printing services and the most prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh City in the following article.

What are stickers?

Sticker, also known as a sticker or a label with an adhesive side, comes in many different shapes and sizes. Used to stick on products, objects, vehicles, …. as a means of brand promotion.

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Sticker is a sticker with 1 side with glue, 1 side with information printed on
Sticker is a sticker with 1 side with glue, 1 side with information printed on

The sticker will be printed with images and information on one side, and the other side will have a special adhesive layer. Just peel off the paper on the glued surface, it can be easily pasted on products, goods, objects, …

Reasons why businesses should use stickers to promote their brands

In Vietnam in recent years, the use of stickers to promote brands has been increasingly focused. Because the effectiveness of this cheap form of marketing is not inferior to spending a large amount of money on advertising and broadcasting primetime. You can refer to the following reasons to see why we encourage businesses to choose sticker printing to promote their brand.

Impress your customers

Investing in a professional sticker printing service will make a good impression on customers. That will indirectly expand the scope of finding potential customers.

A product that is not very prominent but with a unique sticker will definitely attract the attention of customers and people around. Hence when sticker printing should pay attention to the design and selection of appropriate content, related to that brand or product.

Add additional information

On the sticker you can print additional information about the business’s address, hotline, or sales units. Especially for units selling existing products, with this additional information, customers will easily find and buy when there is a need for the next time.

Stickers provide additional information to the user
Stickers provide additional information to the user

Encourage customers to seek information

Many businesses choose to print stickers with coupon codes, incentives, etc. Then put them on advertising leaflets, to attract customers to find information about their brand. The general psychology of buyers is often attracted by promotional information, incentives, bonus codes, ….

Types of popular stickers today

Currently, on the market there are the following types of most popular stickers:

Print transparent stickers

This type of sticker is made of clear plastic, and is often pasted on products such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, or goods contained inside a material made of glass. This product will have transparency, so when pasted on the product, it will highlight the information to be advertised.

Transparent sticker type using the word clear decal
Transparent sticker type using the word clear decal

Paper Stickers

This is the most popular type of sticker today, people can easily find it in items, cars, products, goods, etc. Paper stickers will be printed on paper material and have an additional layer of burned nylon. , thin to help create durability and keep the ink’s color from fading.

Sticker printing material

Unlike other printing, the material to sticker printing no diversity. Currently, there are only two types of materials that are most commonly used:

Print sticker with transparent plastic

Plastic materials are also widely used in transparent sticker printing or white plastic sticker. This material is very durable, can withstand the impact of transportation. The thickness of this plastic material is usually 0.076mm, the remaining surface has available glue, so after printing, just peel it off and stick it on the product.

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There is also a milk plastic material, which is often used to sticker printing Decorate cars, laptops. conical hats, etc. Or used for high-end cosmetic brands or items that need to show their professionalism and high-class.

Hard PVC material

This material is also used for sticker printing for products with specific characteristics such as frequent travel and outdoor use. Because this material sticker is often waterproof, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant.

Print sticker with hard PVC
Print sticker with hard PVC

Print stickers with paper

This paper material is also widely used in printing such as stamps, labels, logos, stickers, etc. Depending on the requirements of the customer, we will use coated paper or uncoated paper.

  • Uncoated paper is a type of paper with a slightly rough surface, when touching it, it will feel rough and not shiny. This material has very good ink adhesion, can use ink pen to write on paper without smearing. However, compared to coated paper, this type of paper after printing will not be as high, so it is often used for printing cheap sticker printing.
  • Surface coated paper is glossy, smooth to the touch, because the first layer of the surface is covered with a thin layer of a cold mixture mixed with turpentine. Print quality with this material is usually very good, good ink absorption, sharp.

Sticker shape

Because Stickers are used for many different purposes from gluing hats, glasses, books, cups, computers, phones, face stickers, etc., the shape of the sticker is also extremely diverse. Can be round, square, rectangular, heart-shaped, or animal-shaped, etc. In general, the shape of the sticker will depend on the requirements and wishes of the customer to create.

Sticker shapes are very diverse and flexible according to customer requirements
Sticker shapes are very diverse and flexible according to customer requirements

Sticker printing technology

Like printing other labels, sticker printing There are also popular printing technologies such as:

Offset printing technology

Offset is considered the most popular printing technology today, commonly used in printing fields such as: sticker printing, printing paper boxes, printing paper bags, printing labels, printing envelopes, … This technology is highly appreciated for its outstanding advantages such as:

  • It is possible to print thousands of stickers in large quantities in one go.
  • Print quality is sharp, not blurred or blurred. Most customers are satisfied.
  • Can print on many different materials from cheap to high-quality materials. Suitable for orders Print stickers on demand.
  • The finished product can be printed for a long time without fading.

Besides the advantages, the disadvantage that Offset printing technology is suffering from is the long printing time (several 3-4 days), and is only suitable for sticker printing bulk.

Digital printing technology

Due to the nature of digital printing technology, it can only print one copy at a time and the printing time is fast. Therefore, this technology is suitable for orders small quantity sticker printing, or fast sticker printing for customers who need it urgently.

Print stickers with digital technology
Print stickers with digital technology

In addition, the investment in digital printing machinery is also quite high, and the operator must be knowledgeable about the technology and must be properly trained.

Flexo printing technology

This is one of the embossing techniques that are pressed directly onto the printed material. Make the printing process go faster. Especially when using this Flexo printing technology, there will be a die system right in the printing process. Therefore, the excess of the sticker will be peeled off from the base of the sticker. This can save a lot of time and implementation.

In addition to use to sticker printing Flexo printing technology is also used to print cartons, films, label printing, product label printing, etc. With quite cheap price and guaranteed quality.

Besides those advantages, using Flexo printing also has some limitations such as: the ink on the axis is not stable, so it is easy to smudge when printing small stickers, releasing a lot of toxic gas into the environment, …

Popular sticker printing sizes

Just like the shape, the sticker size can be customized according to the customer’s requirements to best fit their product. Normally, popular sticker models will have the following sizes:

Popular sticker sizes
Popular sticker sizes
  • 100mm x 50mm
  • 100mm x 80mm
  • 100mm x 100mm
  • 4 x 6 inches
  • 4x 1 inch
  • 4 x 2 inches
  • 4 x 3 inches.

Quote for sticker printing in Ho Chi Minh City

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Nowadays, compared to competition and technology print sticker retail HCM very diverse, so the cost of printing is also much cheaper. However, the cost of printing between units is completely different. Furthermore, it depends on many factors involved. Specifically as:

  • Number of stickers to print (Price print odd sticker will be higher than printing sticker in bulk).
  • Print material, print size and technology used also affect the price of the finished product.

Price range print sticker stickers HCM Currently you can refer to the following:

Paper sticker printing, size 9 x 5.5cm, Offset printing:

  • 1000 sheets: 450 VND/sheet.
  • 3000 sheets: 380 VND/sheet.
  • 5000 sheets: 320 VND/sheet.

Print sticker paper A4 size, Offset technology:

  • 1000 sheets: 2000 VND/sheet.
  • 2000 sheets: 1800 VND/sheet.
  • 3000 sheets: 1600 VND/sheet.
  • 5000 sheets: 800 VND/sheet.

Address for cheap sticker printing in HCM

With the rapid development of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, the need to print stickers on products to attract customers and promote brands is increasing. Thanks to that, printing companies and units were born continuously. However, to ensure good print quality, cheap price and many attractive promotions, Viet Nhat will be the most ideal destination.

Viet Nhat - Cheap sticker printing address in Ho Chi Minh City
Viet Nhat – The address for cheap sticker printing in Ho Chi Minh City

Reasons to choose Vietnamese-Japanese printing

Although among hundreds of printing units in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nhat company still creates trust and is always chosen by customers. Because the incentives that customers receive when ordering sticker printing in Vietnam Japan are always the most attractive.

  • Product quality always comes first, because Viet Nhat’s working criterion is “Taking customer satisfaction as a measure of the company’s success”.
  • Always listen to customers’ opinions to improve yourself more and more. Bringing customers the best printing products and finished products.
  • Team of designers, technicians, consultants are well selected and trained. Customer support in consulting, answering questions 24/24.
  • Prices for printing stickers and other products are always the most competitive in the market. The more quantity printed, the cheaper the price.
  • Fast delivery at home, customers can check the finished product before making payment.
  • There are always great deals for old and new customers, customers who order in bulk will receive a high discount.
  • Receive print sticker in small quantity and print stickers on demand of cutomer. Fully meet the requirements of customers when there is a need for sticker printing.

How to order sticker printing on demand in Vietnam Japan

When there is a need to print stickers in Viet Nhat, to order quickly, you can contact us by the following 3 methods.

How to order sticker printing quickly and simply in Vietnam Japan
How to order sticker printing quickly and simply in Vietnam Japan

Come and order directly at the company’s office, printing factory

If you are in Tan Phu district or neighboring districts, you can come directly at the company office at the address 1st floor, 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Phu district to order. Here you will be designed, the technician will directly advise and introduce the most suitable materials, as well as the most suitable sticker printing model. Customers will be able to visit the printing process at the factory so that they can trust and order.

Quick order via hotline number

If you are far away and do not have time to visit the company in person, you can absolutely place an order sticker printing via hotline 097 5555 717 or 0934 542 24. Here, customers will be consulted in detail about the ordering process and suggest the sticker models that best suit the customer’s requirements and financial conditions.

Although sticker printing or other types of printing, if you want to have a satisfactory finished product, understanding the options and processes, the printing unit also occupies a very important position. Hopefully, these shares will help you have a better overview of the HCM sticker printing service and make the best choice.

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