In Ho Chi Minh City, the use of name cards to advertise and introduce businesses is becoming more and more popular. To meet this need, a large number of units provide design services, print name card born. If you are also in need of this type of publication, let’s find out the basic information and the best printing address in Ho Chi Minh City in the following article.

What is printed name card?

Print name card Also known as business card printing, the purpose is to create business cards with all the information you want to convey to customers. Currently, name cards are commonly used to communicate, introduce, and do business transactions of individuals and organizations.

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Name card or business card with enough information about the individual or organization
Name card or business card with enough information about the individual or organization

What is a good business card?

To be able to evaluate a beautiful name card, people will be based on the following criteria:


A business card is considered beautiful when the content is short, complete and concise. The content is logically arranged on the front and back of that card.


The layout of the best business card is simple, because the size is quite small, if the layout is complicated, it will make the overall card look cumbersome. Simple, sophisticated and accent will be the best choice.

Pictures included

The accompanying image (if any) on the name card must ensure that it does not cover the information to be transmitted. If there is a logo, it should be minimized in the corner, so that it can promote the task of decorating for that name card.

Font, font color

Fonts and colors must be appropriate and easy to read. Do not use too small or stylized letters, the color should also be uniform to avoid confusion and discomfort for users.

Fonts, font colors need to be appropriate and subtle
Fonts, font colors need to be appropriate and subtle

The ink on the name card is not smudged, blurred or broken. Print is sharp and easy to read

Paper materials

The material of the name card must also use a bit of good quality paper to ensure the eye-catching when printing ink, and the card must also be firm when holding.

Meaning of using name card

The following are the meanings, roles and necessity of business card printing for businesses and individuals.

Introduction information

The first role and meaning of using a name card is to replace the owner to introduce information. The owner will not have to take time to introduce himself and his business, but all the basic and necessary information has been printed on the name card.

brand promotion

The name card often includes information about the brand and business. Giving and exchanging with others is also considered a way to promote brands and businesses. Just print name card Impressive, eye-catching will definitely attract the attention of viewers and people around.

Show professionalism

When dealing, working with customers and partners, the use and exchange of name cards will help you become more professional. Thereby creating an impression and trust for your customers or partners.

Show the owner's professional style
Show the owner’s professional style

Communication tools

When print name card will print both the phone number and the contact address. So when there is a need, the other party will contact through that information. Therefore, the use of name cards is also considered an effective communication method and tool.

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Content written on the name card

Name card is responsible for transmitting information of the owner to others. As a result, the content in this publication typically contains the following information:

  • Name of the name card holder.
  • Accompanying title
  • Company name
  • Logo of the business
  • phone number, email, website, etc.
  • A brief message and slogan that you want to convey to customers.

For example: Nguyen Van A – Lawyer – Law Firm X – 098. 999. *** – Email:,…. Information will have to be arranged in such a way that it looks reasonable. In addition, such information can be flexibly changed to suit the requirements of each person or each field in which they operate.

The content on the name card should be clear and concise
The content on the name card should be clear and concise

The most popular name card printing material today

Print name card paper

As with other types of printing, print name card paper Also a variety of materials. Each material has its own advantages. You can browse through to be able to choose the type of material that is best for you. Specifically include:

  • Couche paper: This is a type of paper coated with a thin layer of kaolin, so it is smooth and shiny to the touch. This paper material also has the ability to catch ink very well, producing quality and sharp products. Therefore, many customers choose to print their name cards.
  • Paper Ford: On the surface it looks like office paper but has a thicker thickness. There is no outer coating, so the surface of this paper has a slight roughness. However, when printing, it has good color adhesion and is cheap, so it is also quite popular.
  • Paper Conqueror: If you want to own high-end business cards then this will be the ideal paper for you. Made from the highest quality pulp, after printing the finished product, the name card from this paper is usually of extremely good quality, luxurious and extremely professional.
  • Kraft paper: This is the material used to print cheap name cards. Kraft paper color is usually yellow or white. Therefore, it is only used to print ordinary name cards.

Print plastic name cards

In addition to the paper material we often see, now there are many plastic business cards. This material is usually very durable, does not tear when torn or gets wet. However, plastic is difficult to decompose, so it will pollute the soil environment when discharged.

Plastic name card
Plastic name card

The current plastic name card printing usually use plastic or transparent plastic.

Quotation for printing name card in HCMC area

Unlike other printing fields, the price of name card printing will be calculated by the box. Each box will default to 100 pcs. The price will range from 10,000 to 35,000 VND/box. The difference will depend on the following factors:

Number of boxes

Print name cards with the more boxes, the lower the cost per box will be. Therefore, if you want a good price, you should invest in printing once to use it many times later.

Name card printing material

In addition to the quantity, the name card printing material is also the cause of the difference in printing costs. Material has plastic and paper, in paper there is Couche paper, Bristol paper, Kraft paper, etc. The better the paper, the higher the printing price will be and vice versa.

The material of the name card also affects the printing cost
The material of the name card also affects the printing cost

Post-print processing surcharge

For orders that require additional processing, additional costs will apply. The common processing forms of name card printing are matte coating, glossy pressing, emulsion pressing, needle pressing, border processing, ….

Time to need the product

The time it takes to deliver the product is also a factor that affects the cost of name card printing. The more urgent the time, the more manpower and machinery required, so the cost will also be more different than the orders that are not urgently needed.

Included promotions

In order to attract customers to choose printing, many units often launch promotions such as discounts, extras, discounts, etc. So depending on the time, each promotion is different, so there will be different costs.

Address for cheap name card printing in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, with the rapid development of businesses today, the demand for name cards has also increased. Grasping this trend, many name card printing units were born with many attractive forms of advertising. However, in Viet Nhat is still the most familiar and chosen address by many people. Because the incentives that customers receive when choosing Viet Nhat are always attractive.

Viet Nhat - The No. 1 name card printing company in Ho Chi Minh City
Viet Nhat – The No. 1 name card printing company in Ho Chi Minh City

Quality is always guaranteed

In order to gain the satisfaction and trust of customers over the years, Viet Nhat always focuses on investing in printing quality. From modern and advanced equipment, machinery and printing technology, to diverse and selective paper materials and meticulous processing stages.

Always on time

In addition to quality, always on time is the factor that helps Viet Nhat always be trusted by customers. All orders are carefully calculated on time to be able to deliver on time, on time to customers. Thanks to that, the level of trust in Viet Nhat printing company is always absolute.

Competitive price

With the motto to bring customers the best service, the cheapest price. Viet Nhat Company has constantly improved quality and speed to reduce printing costs for customers. Thanks to that, today, Viet Nhat is known as a unit print name card HCMC Cheap price, good quality.


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After finishing printing, finished products will be checked, packed and delivered to customers. Shipping cost will depend on distance, quantity of finished products. This section will be updated to the customer in the initial quote.

Name card printing services in Vietnam Japan

About arrays print name cardViet Nhat provides the following specific services:

Design name cards on request

For customers who do not have a model or a model that is not beautiful, has not yet shown professionalism, will be consulted by a designer to design a new model. Due to many years of experience, most of the name card designs in Viet Nhat have unique and luxurious qualities, so they are highly appreciated by customers.

Design name cards on request
Design name cards on request

Print name card for instant

Viet Nhat owns a large number of printing machines and equipment and a number of skilled technicians. Should be able to print name cards in the shortest time. Therefore, when customers have a need, print name card get instant You can contact Viet Nhat for settlement.

Print name cards in bulk

With a large number of modern machines and equipment such as Offset printers, digital printers, film presses, metallographic – emulsifying machines, etc., printing in large quantities is completely simple in Viet Nhat. Besides, when Print name cards in bulk Customers can also enjoy attractive offers and discounts.

Print name cards in small quantity

In addition to accepting bulk printing, the company also accepts Print name cards in small quantity to serve customers and small businesses.

Delivery to the place, pay at home

In order to maximize customer satisfaction and receive absolute satisfaction, Viet Nhat printing company also has a service of door-to-door delivery of finished products and payment at home. Maximum customer support, especially customers with little free time.

The fastest way to order Ho Chi Minh City name card printing in Vietnam and Japan

With the above advantages can be seen, in Viet Nhat is a reliable address for customers who have demand for name card printing or any other kind of publication. To order printing quickly, you can choose 1 of 2 order forms as follows:

Order form in Vietnam Japan
Order form in Vietnam Japan

Come directly at the printing factory or company office

The way to order quickly and to be able to visit the main machinery system is to go directly to the company’s office or printing factory at the address 1st floor, 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Phu district, HCMC. Here you will meet directly with the designer to conduct consultation to choose the most suitable model, the model will be made directly for you to easily visualize. If satisfied, we will proceed to quote according to the quantity you need to print. With print name card is no different from other publications, the more printed, the cheaper the price.

Contact the hotline

If you are a busy person and do not have time to come directly, you can completely order printed name cards in Viet Nhat through the hotline. When in need, you just need to call the hotline 097 5555 717 or 0934 542 242. Here you will be consulted with a quote and suggested the most suitable name card templates for your requirements. Then guide you how to make a deposit and report the quantity and design to the technical department for printing.

All printing processes will only take 1-2 days for quantities of 10 boxes or less. As for large quantities or need more meticulous design, the time can be from 4-5 days.

Here is all the information about print name card and the number 1 quality name card printing address in Ho Chi Minh City today. Coming to Viet Nhat, what you receive is not only a quality publication, but also the satisfaction of professional and dedicated service. For any questions that need to be answered, please contact Viet Nhat via hotline 097 5555 717 for fastest support.

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