With the strong development of society, more and more businesses and business units are born and the demand for using carton boxes to store products is increasing day by day. Carton boxes are not simply a product to store things anymore, but they need to be designed to be eye-catching, sturdy and show the brand image of that business. To do that, units need to printed carton box at a reputable and quality unit. Because good quality becomes a powerful business advertising tool.

The benefits that you get when choosing carton box printing

The benefits of choosing to print carton boxes
The benefits of choosing to print carton boxes

On the market today, there are many cheap and convenient carton boxes, but many individuals, units or businesses still choose the service. printed carton box. Because, this form gives users a lot of practical benefits such as:

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  • Help show the professionalism of your store or business. Products packed in cartons when transported will be more secure and avoid collisions and the brand information is promoted more clearly.
  • In addition, the printing of carton boxes also helps create trust with customers. Because, compared to the units that pack products in other sketchy ways, perhaps using carton boxes has more advantages.
  • Printing carton boxes also helps promote the brand in the most effective way. The information about the product or brand is always clearly printed. Thereby helping customers to remember your business brand effectively.

Thus, it can be seen that choosing to print paper boxes always brings a lot of benefits to retail store owners or large businesses. This is not only a product to store products, but above all, they help promote, communicate and affirm the brand in a strong way. However, in order for carton boxes to promote their full effect, how to print the box is very important and necessary.

Matters needing attention before ordering carton box printing

Each carton product is used for different purposes. It can be product packaging, freight….To use the on-demand carton box printing service and get the product you want, you need to understand the following issues before choosing to print. box:

Features of the product to be packed

It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of packaged products to choose the right paper products
It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of packaged products to choose the right paper products

The first factor to be able to choose to print the right carton boxes you need to determine what product to pack. At the same time, you must know what size the product is, including height, width, and length. In addition, you must also understand the need for the desired amount of product in a box and how much the individual weight of each product and when packed in the box, what is the total weight.

Choose a carton style

Next, you need to choose the carton style according to your own needs. Depending on the product that needs to be preserved, choose the appropriate box design. However, no matter which design you choose, you must ensure three basic principles: protecting the product inside, convenient to move and promoting the best brand image.

To do these things, you need to have a good layout design. Along with that, the images, information and colors printed on the box need to be accurate.

Paper texture selection

Paper texture selection
Paper texture selection

This is an indispensable step in the carton box printing process. The commonly used carton today has a structure of 3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers. Paper types include:

  • Wave A: This is the type with the highest height with single wave up to 4.7mm. The advantage of this type is that it will create products with thick edges, good impact resistance. A-corrugated cartons are often chosen to contain fragile goods.
  • Wave B: This is a paper with a height of only about 2.5mm. This paper product is also quite stable when using light weight products with a moderate level of strength.
  • Wave C: This is paper with a wave height of 3.6mm – the average height between waves A and B. Therefore, their advantage is the synthesis of the two waves A and B mentioned above.
  • Wave E: This is the paper with the lowest height of only about 1.5mm. This type of corrugated board is often used for small carton boxes or light objects that are thrown without damaging the products inside.
  • Double wave BC is a combination of wave B and C. For every B wave, there will be 1 C wave class and the number of layers is unlimited. This type of double wave is often used to make cheap carton products.

Thus, depending on the need to preserve the product inside, people choose the number of layers of paper and the type of wave accordingly. The material of the paper will determine the hardness of the carton box.

Determine the number of carton boxes to print

To be able to use the printing service, you definitely need to determine the number of carton boxes you want to print. You can order just enough for the product you need to pack, or you can order more. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the larger the order quantity, the cheaper the price will be.

The most standard carton box printing process

Learn the process of printing carton boxes
Learn the process of printing carton boxes

Carton box printing is always the top concern in the printing industry. And to be able to do it high-class carton box printing must go through the following steps:

Step 1: Choose ingredients

The first thing to be able to print a carton box is the selection of materials. This is a very important step that affects the quality of the manufactured product. To get quality cartons, it is necessary to know the origin of the materials and the amount of paper needed. Depending on the needs of use, choose the most suitable printing paper.

Step 2: Run corrugated paper


With carton box printing paper, unlike other printing papers, they always have corrugated layers. There are 3 layers, 5 layers or more. The fewer layers of paper, the faster the wave runs. Therefore, depending on the number of layers of paper, the choice of running corrugated paper is the most suitable.

Step 3: Cut the paper

The next step in the carton box printing process is cutting the paper. This is a very important job and it is necessary to ensure the correct size of the product. And usually this job will be done using a paper machine. When using, it is necessary to adjust the parameters on the machine accurately and to the correct size.

Step 4: Print cartons

Printing cartons is also one of the important jobs. The important information to print on the packaging is prepared in advance. Thanks to this stage, the company’s products will be known more. Depending on the amount of printing, you can choose to print manually or print on a machine.

Step 5: Staple and glue

The final step in the carton box printing process is stapling and gluing the box to perfection. At this step, everyone can thoroughly check the product to make sure there are no errors.

Some printing technologies are used when printing carton boxes

Several printing technologies are used to print carton boxes
Several printing technologies are used to print carton boxes

To be able to print out products, carton boxes can be used a lot of different printing technologies such as:

Offset print

Offset printing is a printing method chosen by many printing units because this printing technique will be performed entirely on a flat surface. Both the printing side and the template side containing the image and content are on a flat surface, not convex and concave like other printing techniques. This is the most commonly used method because it produces beautiful and sharp images. At the same time, making prints is also easier.

Flexo printing technique

This printing technique is to use embossed surfaces to print images and content. However, the image and content depicted on the template will have to be done in reverse so that when printing, it will create the right image and content. This printing technique is very suitable for cheap carton box printing and on many other materials.

However, not all inks are suitable for this printing technique. Most flexographic printing molds are only suitable for use with specialized anilox roller-grade inks. Ink will be supplied through this shaft and transferred directly to the printed material by pressing printing.

Carton screen printing technique

Silk-screen printing is the most popular and cost-effective printing technique to print carton boxes. As a basic printing technique that can be applied to many different products, silkscreen printing is now chosen by many customers. This printing technique has a fairly simple operating principle, using oil ink and penetrating the printing mesh to create pre-arranged images and content.

Should you choose a cheap carton box printing service?

Should you choose a cheap carton box printing service?
Should you choose a cheap carton box printing service?

As you all know, currently on the market there are many establishments that accept printing of carton boxes. Therefore, leading to these suppliers competing with each other and many businesses wanting to have many customers they are ready to “dump” prices. They offer an unbelievable price much cheaper than the floor price in the market.

So, is it really good to choose such a cheap price? This is something that many customers wonder and wonder about. So how is it really? To be able to create a carton box often has to go through many different stages. When starting production and printing, raw materials are required, and raw materials are often imported, but cannot be produced by themselves. In addition, in order to be able to print on the box, it is necessary to have a factory, modern machinery….

Therefore, if a printing factory offers a lower price than the market, you need to pay attention to the quality of the barrel? Is the ink up to standard?…. With low prices, their products are definitely not up to standard. And of course, no one wants to market a poor quality packaging because it will affect the reputation of the company. Therefore, when choosing a service provider, you need to consider carefully.

Where should I choose to print a carton box with a reputation and an appropriate price?

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If you are wondering whether to choose a reputable and professional carton box printing service provider, please come to In Viet Nhat immediately. The unit with many years of experience in this field provides good service quality and quotation for printing carton box most impressive.

Viet Nhat is a leading reputable service provider
Viet Nhat is a leading reputable service provider

Not only that, In Viet Nhat also has a team of experienced staff with good professional qualifications and always have a creative mind and an aesthetic eye to bring impressive designs to customers. When choosing the carton box printing service at your unit, you will get many practical benefits such as:

Save a lot of money

The unit understands that in addition to the quality of printing services, the price is always what customers care about. Therefore, the unit always tries to reduce the cost of the service but still ensure the best quality. In addition, the unit always does the processing itself without going through any intermediaries to ensure the most favorable price to help customers save a lot of costs.

Standard carton box quality

Besides the preferential prices, the unit always ensures to provide the best quality paper boxes. Images, words, logos… are printed on paper in accordance with the customers’ needs. Paper and ink are guaranteed to be quality products. Therefore, the boxes always meet the aesthetic factor for consumers. At the same time can maximize the protection of the product inside the box.

Fast printing speed, accurate handover time

As a unit with a large printing factory, the unit operates continuously, so no matter how much the customer prints, Print Viet Nhat is committed to quickly printing and accurately handing over to customers. If you do not hand over correctly, the unit will take full responsibility

With the above information, we hope to bring you the most useful and necessary information about the carton box printing service. This is a job that brings many benefits to customers. Therefore, everyone, please quickly contact In Viet Nhat right now to use the service.


Benefits that paper boxes bring to you

Help show the professionalism of your store or business.

In addition, the printing of carton boxes also helps create trust with customers.

Printing carton boxes also helps promote the brand in the most effective way.

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