Currently, the need to use invoices in sales, import and export to make statistics in businesses is extremely necessary. Therefore, most businesses need to invoice printing to control their goods and products. So what is invoice printing? What types are there? What is the cost of printing? Print where? All will be answered in detail in the following article.

What is invoice printing?

Print invoice is one of the activities that any business needs to perform, will follow throughout the business process of that business. Invoices will help businesses and organizations control their orders to the fullest extent. It can be said that printing invoices is a mandatory operation that most businesses comply with and use.

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Invoice printing - an indispensable service of today's businesses
Invoice printing – an indispensable service of today’s businesses

Common retail invoice printing templates

Among the types of invoices such as VAT invoices, import and export invoices, retail invoices are considered the most common today. Specifically, there are 3 most common types of retail invoices as follows.

Print invoice 1 copy

Single-sheet invoice is an invoice with only 1 sheet, usually applied to retail goods without the need to keep records of the seller. The purpose of using 1 copy invoices is to create transparency and peace of mind for customers in the buying and selling process.

1 copy retail invoice
1 copy retail invoice

Usually this invoice is usually printed and bound in rolls and fixed with glue for easy tearing. Each book is about 100 sheets packed in size a4, a4, or a6 depending on the quantity of goods and services that the unit is trading.

This invoice is commonly used in grocery stores, clothing stores, hair salons, shoe shops, etc. And often uses thin photocopier paper to print.

Print 2 copies of invoices

Retail invoice 2 copies is an invoice used for businesses that need to keep 1 copy of the invoice to control and compare goods, daily and weekly revenue. This invoice 1 sheet will have 2 copies of 2 different colors and the same order number, the link below will be a copy of the above link.

This type of invoice is also bound in rolls of A4 or A5 size according to the specification of 100 sheets per book. Paper to 2 copies of invoice printing is Carbonless paper, when writing on the upper link, the ink will automatically print on the bottom 2 link for statement.

Print 3 copies of invoices

A 3-part invoice is an invoice used for businesses dealing in large quantities with an intermediary delivery unit in the middle, so an invoice, receipt, and receipt is required.

This invoice is also printed from carbonless paper when writing sheet 1 will automatically print to sheet 2 and sheet 3 below. Make the invoicing process quick and convenient.

3 copies of retail invoice
3 copies of retail invoice

Specifications 3 copies of invoice printing is A4 or A5 size, 150 sheets and 3 copies will have the same order number. The paper for printing 3 copies of receipts is also carbonless paper so that when writing 1 ink row, it will automatically print down the next consecutive pages without having to rewrite it many times.

Information required when printing invoices

Any bill whether print VAT invoice nice print retail invoice The following information is required:

  • Invoice name: This section will be bold and in large, centered font size.
  • Seller’s name and tax number
  • Buyer’s name and tax number
  • Types of goods and services to be purchased and sold.
  • Amount, simple, into money.
  • The signature area of ​​the seller and recipient is below.

Popular invoice printing services today

Whether in Ho Chi Minh City or any other area, the most popular invoice printing services include:

Print receipt for instant

Instant printing of invoices are invoices printed with a photoshop machine, this type has the advantage of fast printing, you can use the cash register to print this invoice. However, this type of invoice printing is simply black and white ink and only ensures complete information and the form will not be as sophisticated as desired.

Print invoices immediately by photoshop, bill printer
Print invoices immediately by photoshop, bill printer

Print e-invoices


Electronic invoice printing is becoming more and more popular in our country. The advantage of this type of invoice is that it can be printed quickly, saved in files and especially can be managed through modern means based on tax codes and can be printed into paper invoices when needed.

Print design invoice

Design invoice printing service, also known as fast and beautiful invoice printing by offset machine. This is the type of invoice that is focused on form, wants an eye-catching design and prints quickly.

Using offset printers, publications will have high sharpness, durability and beautiful appearance. Make a great impression on your customers and create a professional look for your business.

Paper material for receipt printing

If other publications use Couche paper, Bristol paper, Ford paper, Kraft paper for printing, then in invoice printing completely different. Invoices will usually be printed on the two most common types of paper, which are dot matrix paper and thermal paper.

Carbonless Needle Paper

Needle printing paper, also known as Carbonless paper, is made from virgin pulp. The top of the paper is covered with a chemical powder that acts as a dye. Therefore, it is possible to automatically print ink to the bottom when writing. This type of paper is often used to print retail invoices with 2 copies and 3 copies, or for services that need to store invoices or have the simultaneous confirmation of both parties.

Carbonless printing paper has the ability to confidently ink for the back links
Carbonless printing paper has the ability to confidently ink for the back links

The biggest advantage of this dot matrix paper is the fast and clear ink display, high heat resistance and no ink smudge when recording. This dot matrix printing paper is divided into 2 types: rolls and sheets.

  • Roll form: 7.5cm paper size 50m long.
  • Sheet format: Packing in A4 or A5 size.

Thermal paper

Thermal paper is commonly used to invoice printing through cash register printers, ATM card scanners, etc. This type of paper is usually designed in rolls, small in size, the outside of the paper is covered with a layer of heat-sensitive chemical powder. When this powder layer is affected by heat, it will turn black by itself.

Thermal paper - print text and images through the printer's thermal head
Thermal paper – print text and images through the printer’s thermal head

The biggest advantage of this thermal paper is that there is no need for an ink ribbon, just pass the printed paper through the thermal head of the receipt printer and it will automatically create text or images. Thermal paper is divided into 2 types:

  • Thermal paper K57: This type has a width of 5.7cm, specialized for small bill printers, retail bill printing, electricity bill printing.
  • Thermal paper K80: This paper will have a width of 8cm, suitable for wide format printers.

Invoice printing size

As we have updated above, these invoices usually use A4 size for large goods to be sold, A5, A6 size for small goods. Specifically, the dimensions of the 3 invoice sizes are as follows:

  • Print A4 invoice: 29.7 x 20.8cm
  • Print A5 invoice: 20.8 x 14.5cm
  • Print A6 invoice: 14.5 x 10.5cm.

Quotation for printing invoices in HCMC area

Each area will have different invoice printing prices. In the Ho Chi Minh City area, it is also quite diverse, but to make it easier for everyone to grasp, we will update the price list of specific types of invoices.

Invoice printing prices are diverse, with different areas and factors
Invoice printing prices are diverse, with different areas and factors

Invoice price A4

  • Price for printing A4 invoices with 2 copies of carbonless paper: 31,000 – 48,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A4 invoices with 2 sheets of 4 color carbonless paper: 78,000 – 129,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A4 invoices 3 copies in black and white: 42,000 – 57,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A4 invoices with 3 copies and 4 colors: 100,000 – 139,000 VND/book.

Price for printing A5 invoices

  • Price for printing A5 invoices with 2 copies of carbonless paper: 18,000 – 28,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A5 invoices with 2 sheets of 4 color carbonless paper: 58,000 – 89,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A5 invoices with 3 copies in black and white: 35,000 – 47,000 VND/book.
  • Price for printing A5 invoices with 3 copies and 4 colors: 82,000 – 100,000 VND/book

Address to print cheap invoices in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are in need Print Ho Chi Minh City invoice You can contact Viet Nhat printing company. This is one of the number 1 reputable, quality and cheap invoice printing companies in this area.

Modern printing equipment

Currently, Viet Nhat is a unit that owns the most modern and advanced equipment and machines to serve the printing process quickly and with quality. Meeting all the needs of cheap invoice printing, instant receipt printing of customers from small to large.

Modern printing equipment and machinery
Modern printing equipment and machinery

Enthusiastic consultant staff

The staff are all extremely well-trained, creating professional working styles. Ready to support, answer any questions of customers related to printing services. As a result, customers are completely satisfied with the service here.

Print quickly and get it

Thanks to the possession of modern machinery and highly skilled staff, the process invoice printing in Vietnam and Japan happen extremely quickly. Depending on the quantity, the printing time from 1 hour – 48 hours is that the customer can get the publication on hand.

Support home delivery

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In addition to fast printing and direct collection at the company, Viet Nhat also receives delivery and payment at home in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Helping customers do not need to spend too much time but still can get the most satisfactory publications.

Invoice printing services at Viet Nhat printing company

For invoice printing, Viet Nhat Printing Company is providing the following specific printing services:

Invoice printing cheap, good quality

In Vietnam, Japan has a full range of paper materials, along with modern printing machines, in large quantities. Meeting the needs of low-cost, good-quality invoice printing for customers.

Print invoices on demand

Owning an Offset printer, Viet Nhat also accepts to print invoices according to customers’ requirements on color, design, …. Bring the best quality, beautiful and professional publications.

Print invoice according to customer's request
Print invoice according to customer’s request

Print invoice number jump

Print invoice Fast, high-quality numbers help businesses easily control the number of invoices sold and shipped.

The fastest way to order invoice printing in Vietnam Japan

To quickly put in bills With low prices from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, customers can choose 1 of 2 main contact methods below:

Book direct

Direct booking means that the customer goes directly to the office of the Viet Nhat printing company at the address 1st floor, 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Phu district, HCMC to put. Here, customers will be consulted directly by the consultant and consulted with appropriate invoice templates. If the quantity is small, you can wait to get it right away or the staff will deliver it to the customer the next day.

Book online

For remote customers, you can order online through the hotline 097 5555 717, and provide all your requirements and information for the consultant to quote and transfer to the designer and technician for printing.

Contact to order online invoice printing via hotline
Contact to order online invoice printing via hotline

Regardless of the method, Viet Nhat guarantees 100% quality, punctuality and the best price for customers. Help customers always have a great experience when choosing. As long as customers trust 10%, Viet Nhat will give customers 100% satisfaction. Thanks to this criterion, Viet Nhat’s customers are increasingly crowded, 99% of new customers come back to use the printing service here.

Above is all the detailed information, most specific about the service invoice printing. Hope this article will help you get yourself a best printing address. Let Viet Nhat contribute to the success of your business.

Thank you for reading – Pleasure to serve!

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