Every Tet to spring, the red envelope printing service is bustling from customers ordering to printing units. Printed red envelopes where? What kind of paper? How to design sample? How fast to order? are of interest to customers. In today’s article, we will share information about red envelopes printing and the best printing addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. We invite you to consult.

What is red envelope printing?

Printed red envelopes is a printing service that takes place at the end of the year to serve the needs of using lucky money during Tet to spring. According to Vietnamese custom, lucky money is often accompanied by a certain amount of money to celebrate each other’s new years, an extremely meaningful and expected activity during Tet.

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Printing of lucky money usually takes place at the end of the year
Printing of lucky money usually takes place at the end of the year

Criteria for evaluating a beautiful red envelope

To be able to evaluate a beautiful red envelope or not, people will be based on the following criteria. Customers should refer to when printing will print the most beautiful red envelopes.

Paper materials

The first is the paper material, this factor will determine the elegance and courtesy of the red envelopes. Usually, red packets with high quality requirements will use good paper such as Couche paper, art paper, imported fragrant paper, etc. As for the old-fashioned red envelopes or vintage style, they will use good paper. Kraft paper is the best choice.

Red envelope color

The color of the red envelopes must be bold Tet, lucky and happy colors such as red, yellow, purple, etc.

Image printed on red envelopes

The image on the red envelope also needs to be considered. The images are evaluated beautifully such as: apricot branches, peaches, lanterns, couplets, images of the zodiac according to the years, … All need to be arranged in harmony to bring the highest aesthetic.

Images on red packets are often associated with spring
Images on red packets are often associated with spring

What types of New Year’s envelopes are there?

There are many different types of gift bags on the market today. To make it easier for everyone to choose, we will go through a few common types as follows:

Red envelopes for teenagers

This is a type of red envelopes that are not fixed in color and design, often using funny images and good sayings that young people love. The recipients of these red packets are usually teenagers.

Super cool red envelopes for teenagers
Super cool red envelopes for teenagers

Company red envelopes

This red envelope is printed simultaneously in the same model and 1 size. On the red envelopes will be printed more information about the company such as: Name, logo, address, etc. Used to send lucky money to partners or distribute to employees. This is also a way to advertise, introduce the company to many people, expand the range of customers.

Traditional red envelopes

Traditional red envelopes are available in stores and are sized to fit a 500,000 VND bill. The image also has a general design, often used to give lucky money to those who need seriousness, courtesy or older people.

Creative red envelopes

These red envelopes usually have pictures of cartoon characters or objects related to Tet such as flowers, gold bars, gold bags, etc. The inside is empty, the back of the red envelopes has an extra slit to fit the folded money. 4 inside.

Creative red envelopes with cartoon characters
Creative red envelopes with cartoon characters

Types of paper for printing red envelopes today

Like other publications, red packets are also printed from many different materials. Each material will bring its own advantages suitable for each purpose. You can refer to the details.

Print Couche paper red envelopes

This is the most common type of printing paper in the field of printing, the paper is coated on both sides, so it has very good ink adhesion. Red envelopes printed from Couche paper are sharp and of very high quality.

Print red envelopes with Ford paper

Ford paper looks like ordinary office paper but has a thicker, slightly rough surface, so it has very good ink adhesion and color coverage. The price of this paper is cheap, so many people choose to print red envelopes for businesses.

Print kraft paper red envelopes

Kraft paper, also known as recycled paper, has a characteristic brown and white color. Made from wood pulp, so it is very cheap, suitable for customers Print cheap red envelopes Or create vintage red envelopes.

Red envelopes in classic and vintage style
Red envelopes in classic and vintage style

Printed red packets with Bristol paper

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Smooth surface, good ink adhesion, so this type of paper helps the finished red envelopes after printing extremely quality and sharp.

Print red envelopes with art paper

This is a ribbed paper, with many colors often used to print high-class red envelopes. Paper material is good, has very high ink adhesion and especially does not fade after printing. However, the cost is also much higher.

In addition, depending on the requirements of customers, red envelopes are also printed using paper materials such as: emulsion paper, fragrant paper, paper imported from the UK, France, Korea, the US, etc.

Price for printing Tet red envelopes

Price for printing envelopes xThe current Tet holiday is quite diverse, so many people when they have a need to use it are often confused about whether the price is the best or not. Currently, the price of Tet red packets will be affected by the following factors:

The price of red envelopes printing is usually quite diverse
The price of red envelopes printing is usually quite diverse
  • Material of lucky money printing paper: The better the material, the higher the price will be, for example, Kraft paper will be cheaper than paper, couche paper will be cheaper than art paper, etc.
  • Number of red packets: As with other publications, the larger the number of red packets to print, the cheaper the price per bag will be.
  • Post-print processing: Each processing will cost more, the more processing, the more complicated, the higher the price will be.
  • Printing unit: Each unit will have its own printing policy and promotion. As a result, printing prices will vary from unit to unit.

New Year’s envelope printing size

The size when printing New Year’s envelopes is usually quite diverse and can be printed according to customer requirements. However the size printed red envelopes The most popular today will be divided into 2 types as follows:

The standard size of today's red envelopes
The standard size of today’s red envelopes

Big red envelopes

With large red envelopes, there will be 3 most common sizes including:

  • 8cm x 18cm, lid 3cm
  • 8cm x 16cm, lid 3cm
  • 7.3cm x 16cm, lid 2.5cm

Small red envelopes

Small red envelopes usually come in two sizes as follows:

  • 7.5 x 10 cm, lid 2.5 cm
  • 8 x 11.5cm lid 2.5 cm

There are also mini red packets printed in the shape of cartoon characters that will not have the same size, but depending on the size and size to print.

Address to print cheap red envelopes in HCM

Are you in need? printed red envelopes in Ho Chi Minh City but don’t know where to choose to print with good quality and good price, then Viet Nhat printing will be the best address for you. This is the address most appreciated by customers in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

Modern equipment

Towards quality and always puts customer satisfaction first. Viet Nhat is fully equipped with printing equipment and machinery in both quality and quantity such as machine + offset printing technology, digital printing machine, flexo embossing machine, embossing machine, needle press, machine. lamination, matt coating, gloss coating,…. Meeting the needs of printing New Year’s gifts in bulk for customers.

Modern printing equipment and machinery
Modern printing equipment and machinery

Highly skilled staff

The staff is also focused on skills, rigorously selected, and well-trained to create a responsible professional human resource system. Because only employees who work with passion for the profession, combined with quality machinery, can produce the best publications.

The price is always the most competitive

Because it is a company that prints in large quantities every day, with a system of machines, stable and effective human resources, it helps to reduce printing costs for customers. Currently, Viet Nhat is a company New Year’s Eve Print and other publications at the most competitive prices in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fast delivery, at home

For customers far away, Viet Nhat also offers home delivery. All publications are thoroughly checked for quality and quantity. Ensuring that the best products are delivered to customers, the number of customers coming to Viet Nhat has always increased exponentially.

The process of printing Ho Chi Minh red envelopes in Vietnam and Japan

For customers to better understand the service red envelope printing provided by Viet Nhat printing company. We will update the details of Vietnam-Japan lucky money printing process as follows:

Receive customer information

When customers have needs, please contact the hotline 097 5555 717 or go directly to the factory printed red envelopes of Vietnam and Japan at the address 1st floor 237/2A Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan ward, Tan Phu district. Here, the consultant will receive the information that needs to be printed about the red envelopes such as: Style, size, quantity, color, pattern, recipient’s address,… Then it will be transferred to the design department. .

Receive customer information
Receive customer information

Sample design and price agreement

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The designers will design a number of samples in accordance with the requirements of the customer with a quote for each model. Then agree with the customer on the sample and printing price.

Transfer samples to the factory to print red envelopes

Agreed data will be downloaded red envelope printing factory for technicians to print according to the quantity and type of paper required. Usually, urgent orders, small quantities will use technology and digital printers. For orders that need to be printed in large quantities, offset printers will be used.

Processing red envelopes

After finishing the printing part, the entire red envelopes will be transferred to the processing department to carry out folding, gluing the bottom, and gluing the edges for the red envelopes. Or conduct needle pressing, emulsifying if the customer requires.

Processing red envelopes after printing according to customer's request
Processing red envelopes after printing according to customer’s request

Checking, packing and handing over to customers

Finally, the technical department will check the quality and quantity of the red envelopes once again and then pack and deliver the finished products to the original address given by the customer. Customers will be able to check the goods and then pay the rest of the order.

999+ beautiful New Year’s red envelopes for Tet 2021 in Vietnam and Japan

Here are some beautiful red envelopes that many people choose for Tet 2021. You can refer and choose.

Impressive vintage red envelopes

This red envelope design is made from a unique design with a vintage twist. Make an unforgettable impression on the recipient

Impressive vintage red envelopes
Impressive vintage red envelopes

Funny red envelopes for kids

Use fun colors with fun prints suitable for children receiving lucky money.

Funny red envelopes from cartoon characters for kids
Funny red envelopes from cartoon characters for kids

Creative red envelopes

Red envelopes with unique shapes and patterns are often preferred by young people to make lucky money bags to celebrate friends or children.

Creative red envelopes for young people to love
Creative red envelopes for young people to love

Red envelopes for the company

Simple layout to create elegance, politeness and add company information on the packaging.

Red envelopes for the company
Red envelopes for the company

Polite red envelopes

The design is simple and delicate, using the typical pattern of the New Year’s Day and the image of a buffalo for the year of the New Year of the Ox. Often used to give lucky money to the elderly or those who need seriousness and politeness

Traditional red envelopes
Traditional red envelopes

Above is all the information related to the service printed red envelopes and address Print cheap red envelopes, the number 1 quality in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are also planning to prepare unique and impressive red envelopes for yourself or your company for Tet 2021. Please contact Viet Nhat via hotline 097 5555 717 for advice and suggestions on the best red envelopes. Information to you.

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