Packaging printing is the use of a number of printing techniques to create images and messages on the packaging surface. The purpose of printing is to create beautiful, impressive packaging. Packaging templates have the effect of conveying messages about brands and products to customers, helping to promote businesses better.

Packaging printing is now popular in many fields, many different industries, with its own characteristics that make it easier for customers to recognize and trust the brand.

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1. Why is paper packaging popular?

The market is popular with many types of packaging such as paper packaging, plastic packaging, wood, metal… In which, paper packaging is popularly used because of the following advantages:

Besides, this type of packaging still has the disadvantage that the durability is not high and they are easily torn due to impact or water.

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2. Benefits of printing packaging for businesses

There are many reasons why the demand for paper packaging printing is as great as it is today. First of all, the benefits it brings to both businesses and customers. A normal packaging product still fulfills the function of containing, containing, preserving or storing the product. So why pay for printing? Here is the answer.

2.1 Print packaging to make the product more eye-catching

When launched, the product appears on the shelves with countless products from different brands. An eye-catching print with a message helps them stand out. This is great for brand recognition.

Moreover, the product becomes beautiful and valuable and is considered by customers to use for many other purposes. In addition to use, it is also used as a gift, gift … to help increase sales for the product.


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2.2 Easier to arrange and control goods

Right from the factory or when the products are distributed, they go through a control process. With its own appearance, it will make the control process easier.

In addition, each product contained in the package will be sealed. If there are signs of peeling, it will be quickly detected and controlled.

2.3 Printing helps promote good brand

The information printed on the packaging usually has information about the product, brand, production address, distribution or contact phone number… This helps promote the brand to customers.

Currently, many packaging models are also capable of being reused. After using the product, customers can use it to store necessary items. The images or messages of the brand are carried to many places and reach many customers. This is a smart business strategy used by many businesses today.


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2.4 Easily create sympathy from customers

The trend of using paper packaging is also a way to reduce the amount of plastic and nylon waste in the environment. This is what the world has been striving to do in recent years. Paper packaging template shows your business’s awareness of environmental protection. Social awareness makes more customers choose your products.

With products using paper packaging, it is safer than plastic packaging. Moreover, with external brand information, customers easily recognize reputable brands to make the right choice when buying.

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3. What are the materials and technologies used in packaging printing?

Each packaging model is born as a result of using printing techniques on the corresponding paper material. Some types of paper used to print packaging include: Kraft paper, Duplex, Carton …

3.1 Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp of soft wood, with the common color of Kraft paper being white and yellow.


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3.2 Duplex Paper

The type of paper produced with surface coating technology. This type of paper has 1 side white and smooth and the other side is not glossy.


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This type of packaging is often used for candy boxes, cosmetics, drugs, gift boxes… In addition, they are also used to print hard cartons, print letters, cover files…

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3.3 Paper Carton

Carton paper is very easy to see in the form of cartons. It is used by businesses to package goods.


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4. Popular printing technology

There are quite a few packaging printing techniques, but on paper, there are 3 basic techniques:

4.1 Offset printing

Offset printing is a technique of printing data images onto the offset plate, and from the offset plate pressed onto the surface of the paper to be printed.


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  • Suitable for printing in bulk.

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4.2 Digital printing

Printing is done by digital images transmitted to high-tech equipment. Print data sources using large format inkjet or laser printers.


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4.3 Flex Printing

It is a direct printing technique due to its embossed print. Ink is fed to the die by the anilox roller. The content to be printed is highlighted on the axis. Along with that, the images or words on the mold are reversed. The ink is displayed by the anilox shaft and then transferred to the print object through the pressing process.


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5. Quality packaging production process

To have quality packaging samples, they must go through a rigorous and rigorous packaging printing process. Below is the quality packaging production and printing process for your reference.

5.1 Get printing information from customers

The packaging printing facility will receive printing order information from the customer. The information that needs to be grasped after the exchange is:

This information is recorded in writing and confirmed by both parties. To get this information, there needs to be an exchange and consultation between the customer and the printing place. With the printing experience of the printing address and the correct understanding of the customer’s product, quality packaging is produced.

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5.2 Designing packaging printing samples according to received information

After receiving the printing address, proceed to design according to the above information. The implementation is just sketch on the computer for easy production.

5.3 Create a demo

From the actual packaging design turns out to be a few actual Demos. Demo version is sent to customers to review. The demo can assess the capacity and usefulness of the packaging, thereby making appropriate adjustments.

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5.4 Carrying out batch printing

Satisfied with the Demo version or with a few minor modifications to the packaging is mass-printed with the original print order quantity. At this point, the choice of printing technique is very important affecting both the quality of the packaging and the final cost.

5.5 Finishing the packaging after printing

After printing, the packaging is cut, glued, boxed, attached with straps… according to the initially agreed specifications. Simultaneously perform some other processing steps such as needing, die, stamping / embossing, laminating, pressing … to make the packaging model more beautiful and durable.

5.6 Quality check and handover to customers

Check all finished products once to have the correct packaging samples as per customer requirements. This step ensures that the packaging products, when delivered to the customer, can reach the highest accuracy.

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6. Some notes when ordering packaging printing

In order for the packaging to be really effective when ordering, you need to keep a few things in mind.

6.1 Choose the right packaging printing template

With the value of goods, different purposes of use, the packaging model will be different. You should not choose a high-end box model for popular goods. Or choose too sketchy packaging for high-end products. Packaging needs to show the right value to really bring practical benefits to the product brand.

6.2 Number of prints

As we all know, the larger the number of prints, the cheaper the price per bag. But, that’s not why you order too much. Especially with packaging models that have changed over the years. Printing a lot leads to inventory, excess even increases printing costs.

It is best to only print with enough or a little excess. You can also refer to the printing and reprint policy at a reputable packaging printing address. This gives you flexibility in the packaging you need to use to avoid inventory or storage costs.

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6.3 Prestigious printing address

A prestigious address is never superfluous when ordering packaging. Here you will not only be consulted to have a suitable packaging model for the purpose of use or cost. Which after printing you will have an attractive care policy.

It could be the speed of feedback and corrections for future prints, or the flexibility of the cost if you have to incur reprints for the current packaging model…

Here’s what you need to know before ordering packaging. Hope you have complete accurate information about this service to get the best effect when ordering.

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